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Ripe terraced rice season in Sapa – When and Where?

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Ripe terraced rice season is in the most beautiful season of the year in Sapa with terraced fields stretching with golden colour, new rice flavour makes visitors unable to stop. 

The two most beautiful seasons in the Northwest are spring with cherry blossoms, blooming flowers; autumn with the rice-coloured terraced fields. If you do not know what season of SaPa ripe rice, and where to go to see the golden season, please follow the following article of Amazing Uncles.

What month is the ripe rice season in SaPa

What month is SaPa ripening rice season? There is only one rice crop in SaPa for 6 months, which is the summer-autumn crop. Villagers started sowing seeds in May. Around July, August, green rice is high. 

In September and October, the rice turns golden and shiny, forming rugs on the terraced fields.

You can see that beauty in any road when travelling to SaPa rice ripe season. However, do not miss two golden moments of terraced fields: dawn and sunset. Each moment brings a wonderful scene and feeling.  Because of this beauty, the terraces in the Northwest region of Vietnam have been voted as one of the 10 most colourful and magical natural landscapes in the world that visitors should experience once in their life.

Sunrise time in Sapa

When the first rays of the morning sun wake up in the mountains, you will feel the scenery somewhat softer. The ripe rice flowers were bowed with dewdrops that became sparkling in the early sunlight.

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Sunset time in SaPa

The sunset in the mountains and forests of the Northwest in autumn always has a strange attraction. Autumn weather makes the sky clear and high. 

Thanks to that, the sunset SaPa It’s also brilliant and charming. The sun gradually disappears behind the mountain shadow, sweeping away the weak red rays of sunlight but equally brilliant. 

At that time, the terraced fields were golden yellow as if they were mixed with the red colour of sunset, mixed with the green of the mountains. Indeed, the scene brings an infinite mystical beauty. You can only feel it when you are immersed in nature at that beautiful moment with all your senses.

How is the weather of ripe rice season in Sapa?

In the autumn of Sapa (September and October), there is an interference between hot summer and cold winter. Therefore, this is the right time for you to travel to Sapa in the ripe rice season.

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The temperature in October in Sapa fluctuates from 15-20 degrees C. Early in the morning and at night the temperature can drop below 15 degrees, so it is quite cold. The day is sunny but still very cool. With such weather conditions, SaPa in September and October is like miniature Dalat, suitable for you to choose a weekend resort that is not bad.

Where to see the most beautiful ripe rice terraces in Sapa?

SaPa’s rice season is as beautiful as a picture drawn by the hands of the workers and by the unique mountainous terrain of the northern mountainous region. To fully admire that picture, please note down the places that TripHunter recommends below!

Visit Sapa villages during the rice season

When the rice harvest is ripe, the village in SaPa is as a picture in the golden colour of rice, hidden layers of brown roofs, meandering paths. All create a peaceful scene for visitors to visit.

When travelling to SaPa’s ripe rice season, the villages with the most beautiful scenery in SaPa you must visit Cat Cat, Ta Van, Ta Phin villages. These are places where many people gather and interspersed with many beautiful terraced fields.

From the centre of Sapa town, you can actively rent a motorbike to enjoy the scenery and visit in turn: Cat Cat (2km away); Ta Van (10km away); Ta Phin (12km away). 

Visiting the villages, besides seeing the scenery, you also have the opportunity to learn more about the human culture here and find a slow and simple pace of life.

You can visit the ethnic minority’s house, talk with them about the life and cultural practices, learn to dye, weave traditional fabrics of ethnic women, have fun with the children in the village. In addition, you should try wearing an ethnic dress to take pictures because there are many beautiful virtual live photo angles around for you to create!

Conquering Fansipan peak

Conquering Fansipan peak during the distance of 6292.5m, lasting 15 – 20 minutes by Sun World Fansipan Legend cable car, you will admire the entire ripe rice field of the vast Muong Hoa valley and the majestic beauty of the mountain range Hoang Lien Son. 

That scene is extremely impressive like you can fly on the golden season of Sapa full of poetry and painting.

The end of the cable car journey is the legendary Mount Fansipan – one of the famous tourist destinations in Sapa. In October, the cold weather caused the view around Fansipan to be sunk in white clouds and mist. You are like lost in paradise in real life.

With such impressive scenery, if you visit SaPa at any time of the year, do not forget to conquer the famous Fansipan peak!

SaPa Heaven Gate – At the top of O Quy Ho Pass

O quy ho pass

Arriving at SaPa’s Sky Gate in October, visitors can see a panoramic view of a vast valley with enchanting ripe terraced rice season, the Silver waterfall in the distance, and dim houses in the sea of clouds and the top of Mount Fansipan is blurry in the clouds.

The way to SaPa’s heaven gate belongs to the most impressive “four great passes of the mountain pass” in Vietnam. The way up is winding, many sharp turns, many narrow roads, the side is a cliff, the side is a deep abyss. However, conquering O Quy Ho pass to reach Sapa heaven gate is something that everyone wants to experience once.

You should choose the time when the sun is high to conquer O Quy Ho Pass and go up to SaPa’s sky gate to see the beautiful scenery in the sunlight. Because of the quite high altitude, so early in the morning, O Quy Ho Pass often appears foggy.

Notes when travelling to Sapa in October

You should bring warm coats, socks, towels for use at night and early in the morning when the temperature drops, accompanied by the night dew will be very cold. You should bring sports shoes or slippery soles to suit walking on the steep terrain in Sapa, especially when entering villages.

How to get to Sapa to meet the ripe terraced rice season?

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