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VietTrekking Home Sapa – Beautiful cloud view Coffee shop

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No need to go far, just carry your suitcase and come to VietTrekking Home Sapa. You will still have the opportunity to admire the waves floating in the middle of the mountain in these late autumns and early winter days.

Location “prime” of VietTrekking Home Sapa

There is no need to trekking hard to the top of Bach Moc Luong Tu or Lao Tham. Just go to VietTrekking Home Sapa, then you can see the whole sea of clouds floating!

With a favourable location, VietTrekking Home Sapa is favourably called by a cute, memorable name “The house at the end of the road”. Because the homestay is located at the end of Hoang Lien Street, separate from the bustling centre of Sapa town, very suitable for anyone who wants to immerse in nature, or temporarily forget daily worries. However, if you want to go to the city centre, it only takes about 5 minutes to walk. Therefore, this is a place that is both far from the noise and near the centre can satisfy the criteria of choosing a homestay when Your Sapa travel. 

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Standing at VietTrekking Home Sapa, you have a 2-in-1 view with a charming Sapa, the other side is the majestic Fansipan peak on the legendary Hoang Lien Son range

Reaching out to embrace Sapa sea of clouds

Dreamers will love this “house at the end of the road” from the first time arriving because of its super-sweet but equally modern design. The main view looks at the top of Fansipan and the majestic Hoang Lien Son range, next to the coffee is a homestay with a very typical calm look of the land of Sapa. This is just suitable for the days when you want to relax and blue sky, white clouds, and vast mountains and forests in Sapa. With clouds, with the wind, with nature wandering, you will surely find yourself full of energy and vitality.

This “house” will definitely make you feel excited and full of surprises every morning. Any homestay “looks beautiful everywhere”! Do you know what the reason is?

 That’s because almost all homestays are glazed or placed with windows facing the valley. Every morning wake up, you will be able to see the sea of clouds mixed with the beautiful little house on the mountain, watch the early rays of sunlight as well as the majestic Fansipan peak and the sky-high Hoang Lien Son range.

VietTrekking Home Sapa
Almost the entire space is covered with glass so you can see the majestic Hoang Lien Son range

Enjoy coffee in the place of “heavenly fairyland”

In addition to the homestay rooms with dreamlike door frames, panoramic views of mountains and clouds, next to VietTrekking Coffee, which has just been expanded with panoramic views of mountains and forests so you can sip a cup of coffee and take pictures super quality photos.

VietTrekking Home Sapa 1
Morning VietTrekking Coffee space between cloudy days

What is the reason for you to take your suitcase to leave the city? Isn’t it in return for moments of real relaxation in the mountains and forests separate from the hustle and bustle? One morning, staying up in the middle of the mountains, there is nothing better than enjoying the rustic and seductive flavour of the mountains, enjoying a warm cup of coffee in the cool weather of Sapa.

With an open space, VietTrekking Coffee will definitely give you a feeling of home and strange peace when you look at the majestic vast mountains, terraced fields with all colours – for you to feel most clearly the connection between heaven and earth and nature in Sapa most clearly. There are foggy days, clouds cover the way, just sitting at VietTrekking Coffee, you can also touch the blue sky one step because the clouds and sky embrace the leaning architecture of VietTrekking Home Sapa.

Viet trekking Sapa 5
View of breakfast among the sea of clouds

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Are you looking for a truly romantic and separate escape from the world out there? Come on with VietTrekking Home Sapa Come back to “the house at the end of the road” in the middle of the sky to watch the clouds and clouds in the cold weather!

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