O Quy Ho pass

Sapa in October watching the golden rice season on the village

Things to do

October is the ideal time to travel to Sapa, when visitors can admire the hot golden terraced fields in contrast with the cold weather that brings their own charm.

What is attractive to Sapa travelling in October?


Weather in Sapa in October there is the interference between summer and winter, the weather is cool, less rainfall, and at night it will be cold. You can travel freely without getting tired because the temperature only fluctuates from 15 – 20 degrees, while it is sunny during the day to take pictures. Sapa in October is like one Da Lat miniature for you to find rest, relax on weekends.

Sapa in October 1
In October, Sapa’s weather is similar to Da Lat

Natural scenery

October is the time when Sapa has a strong change, the contrast between the warm yellow color of the terraced fields and the cold weather creates a colorful, attractive picture. You can see that beauty in any road while traveling to this northeastern province. Especially at 2 golden times of the day: sunrise and sunset.

Sapa in October 2
  • Time of dawn: The first rays of sunlight falling on the mountains and forests will make the dewy rice flowers glisten beautifully.
  • Time of sunset: The autumn weather makes the afternoon sky of Sapa become clear and tall. Weak rays of red, seductive red, covered the golden terraced fields, mixed with the green of the mountains. The scene becomes extremely mysterious.

One Sapa travel experience in October You should arrange to come here in the middle of the week because visitors come to Sapa to check-in the rice season every weekend is very crowded, you may need to squeeze and not have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the quiet scenery. of mountains and forests.

Experience moving to Sapa

To Sapa in October, Guests can choose one of the following vehicles:

  • Sleeping bus: Bus trips to Sapa depart many at My Dinh bus station. You can choose a seat or sleeping bus depending on your needs with prices ranging from 160,000 VND to 250,000 VND / person/way.
  • Train: There are hard seats, air-conditioner to bed on LC and SP ships, ranging from 150,000 VND to 700,000 VND / person/way. Arriving at Lao Cai station, you have to take a bus or bus to get there Sapa town.
  • Luxury limousine: with US$21, you can get to Sapa by a luxury limousine 9 seats included Door – to – Door service. It means that you don’t need to get to the bus office or station, just wait for us at your hotels or Airport to go straight to Sapa.

Hotel reservation for Sapa trip in October

In Sapa, there are all types of accommodation from homestays, hostels to luxury resorts, 5-star hotels for tourists to choose from. To avoid room burn-in during this Sapa ripe rice occasion, you should enlist your trip pre-reservations on trusted booking sites.

Sapa in October 3
Moutain view from Horizon Hotel

>> Check price and book Sapa hotels in October

If you want to see the panoramic view of this brilliant season, you can choose the hotels with rooftop or balcony in the room, and vice versa if you want to immerse yourself in Sapa nature and the lives of the people here. The homestay is the preferred option.

Sapa in October: Destinations

In order to have a full view of the beautiful picture of Sapa in the ripe rice season, you should visit the locations suggested below.

Sapa villages ripe rice brilliantly

Referring to the golden terraced fields stretching out of sight, people will immediately remember the highland villages such as Cat Cat, Lao Chai, Ta Van, Ta Phin… Not only concentrating a lot of people, but this is also the point with the most beautiful terraced fields. On these days, the village of Sapa is immersed in the golden colour of rice, hidden under the brown roof, the winding road … creating a peaceful picture.

To get to these villages, you should rent a motorbike to go from Sapa town with turns: Cat Cat (2km away); Ta Van (10km away); Ta Phin (12km away). Then you try to experience walking around the village, walking on the fragrant rice fields ripe in the cold of autumn wind. At the same time, combine learning the culture, dragging people’s lives here by talking with the people, playing with the children.

Fansipan peak in October – fly through the rice season, conquer the sea of clouds

Regardless of the season of the year, conquering Fansipan peak – the roof of Indochina also attracts professional and amateur climbers. If your health and time do not allow you to go trekking, there is one more way to use the service. Sun World Fansipan Legend cable car, it only takes 15 – 20 minutes to glide through the entire ripe rice field of Muong Hoa valley, capturing the sight of the majestic Hoang Lien Son range.

In October, the flora and fauna of Hoang Lien Son are more diverse than ever, with all kinds of herbs, precious woods, birds … that you just want to be as close as possible to enjoy. Arriving at the legendary Fansipan peak, visitors are immersed in white clouds and magical mist like paradise.

Fansipan in October
Fansipan legend is coverd by clouds

Sapa heaven gate – the top of O Quy Ho pass

From Sapa town, about 18km in the Northwest direction, overcoming the winding roads halfway up the mountain, you reach the gate of heaven – the top of O Quy Ho Pass. There is no more appropriate season than October, you can panoramic views over a vast valley at your feet, admire the enchanting golden season terraced fields, the Silver waterfall in the distance. Interlocking roads or hazy houses looming in the clouds and dense forest.

Ham Rong Mountain – Muong Hoa valley

An amazing high-altitude viewing spot in Sapa that tourists cannot miss is Ham Rong Mountain – a mountain located in the majestic Hoang Lien Son range. This place is like a fairytale scene in the middle of the world, wild nature adds plants and fresh air.  The next destination is the Muong Hoa valley.

Visiting the ancient rocky beach with hundreds of sandstone rocks carved with many different shapes lying between grass, trees and terraced fields of ethnic minorities. According to Sapa travel experience in October, you will surely be surprised by the changes in the scenery in the valley.

What to eat when travelling to Sapa in October?

In October, the weather in Sapa becomes chilly, especially at night the temperature is low, so the ideal dish is nothing but aromatic hot grilled dishes. All familiar dishes such as potatoes, corn, baked cassava, etc are available; you can also try unique and exotic dishes such as grilled upside down duck eggs, grilled rice cakes, grilled tofu, grilled salmon , etc.

BBQ in Autumn

Some notes when travelling to Sapa in October

  1. Bring warm coats, socks, towels for use at night and in the early morning when the temperature drops, accompanied by the night dew will be very cold.
  2. Sneakers or sandals with anti-slip soles will be suitable for trekking to explore the steep terrain in Sapa, especially when entering the villages.

The above is the entire travel experience of Sapa in October admire the most beautiful ripe rice season of the year. Surely this trip will give you a lot of beautiful impressions on the Northwest land, your job to do is just save the above essential information for your trip.

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