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Cloud Hunting in Sapa, Viet Nam

Things to do

Cloud hunting in the high mountains of Sa Pa is the wish of many famous landscape photographers.

The best time for cloud hunting

The cloudy season appears at the end of the year and the beginning of spring. So how busy are many photographers still present at the top of Ham Rong Mountain, O Quy Ho Pass, etc for cloud hunting.

Professional photographers and amateurs consider rattan as “specialities” of Sa Pa because only this special type of clouds can create pictures of mountain clouds landscapes of the city. The city in the mist “is as beautiful as a picture.

According to the photographic experience of “the king of Vietnam landscape photography” – Mr Hoang The Nhiem, technique and clouds only appear in the high mountains of Sa Pa when Tet comes.

In addition, clouds rarely appear, so no matter how much work they take to move. Many photographers still spend a few days hunting for clouds in Sa Pa.

Because they think that taking pictures of the world-famous Sa Pa tourist area without the image of mountain clouds intersecting with fields, streets, forests, villages … it is difficult to have beautiful pictures of “city in the mist”.

When listening to the news of beautiful clouds, tourists are interested in discovering the amazing natural beauty pulled together to Sa Pa to take pictures of beautiful clouds.

In Sa Pa tourist area, there are 4 places to take pictures of the most beautiful clouds. That is the Cloud yard of Ham Rong mountain ecotourism area nearly 2,000 meters above sea level located behind Sa Pa ancient church, O Quy Ho Pass crossing the majestic Hoang Lien mountain range, Hang Da Hau Thao village of Hmong people and Mount Fansipan (3,143m high, was dubbed “the roof of Vietnam”).

The beautiful clouds only appear in the mountains of Sa Pa, Y Ty (Lao Cai province).

 Clouds appear very suddenly and “disappear” very quickly, so to take photos of this impressive moment, it takes many days of effort to roll around and wait. 

Cloud photography in addition to experience, talent also has luck like a fisherman.

From the beginning of November 2020 up to now, every day, there are tourists from many places to Sa Pa to hunt for beautiful clouds that often appear after cold rains.

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