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Sapa Sunworld Fansipan Legend Travel Experience

Things to do

Sapa Sunworld Fansipan is one of the best things to do when travelling to Sapa. If you are planning to conquer Fansipan by cable car but do not know how to buy tickets, etc, this article is for you. Experience of riding Fansipan cable car from A to Z in this article will be the guideline for the journey to conquer the Roof of Indochina!

Firstly, What to prepare when going to Sapa Sunworld Fansipan Legend Cable Car?

Fansipan is located at an altitude of 3,143m above sea level and mountainous terrain, so the weather and climate here are very harsh. At Fansipan, there is often frost and snow, and here people seem to have little idea about summer.

Before starting your journey, you should keep a few notes on how to have a satisfying trip:

  • Weather factors: Follow the weather forecast before coming to Fansipan about 3 days to have a good preparation.
  • Health Factors: the air in the top of Fansipan is thin and the temperature is low. You should prepare yourself for good health as well as learn to breathe gently and condition your body.
  • Skin: it is best to prepare a pair of lightweight sports shoes that are convenient for travel. Dress neatly warm enough, bring gloves, towels, warm hat.
  • Medical equipment: you should prepare headache medicine, Band-Aid, antiseptic alcohol, bandages …
  • Cash: You should bring some cash with you to use in the process of eating and playing at Fansipan.

Secondly, Cable Car Travel experience

How to Move from Sapa town centre to Sapa Sunworld Fansipan cable car station

Option 1: Transportation by road:

  • Car rental: The town centre has many motorbike taxi services to choose from. Costs range from 50,000 to 100,000 VND. Travel time is about 10 minutes.
  • Walk: You can also walk (30 minutes) to reach the cable car station. From Stone Church you follow Thac Bac Street, to Thac Bac intersection, you turn on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street then go straight to arrive. During the journey, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beautiful Muong Hoa valley.
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Option 2: Travel by Muong Hoa mountain train

Instead of travelling by car on the dangerous mountain road, visitors can choose to travel by Muong Hoa mountain train. Dubbed as the most modern and longest mountain train in Vietnam. This train not only shortens travel time to 6 minutes but also offers a unique experience to explore the beauty of Sapa.  

Train prices for climbing: 100,000 VND / time. Tourists line up to buy tickets at the first floor of Sun Plaza, downtown Sapa.

Experience of moving on Fansipan cable car

Buy tickets for Fansipan cable car

Tourists line up to buy tickets at the cable car station. For travellers who have booked online, you just need to line up and present your ticket code. Details of ticket prices and how to book tickets online will be guided by Sun World at the end of the article.

Experience of moving on the cable car

Fansipan cable car has a length of 6292.5m, connecting between Hoang Lien cable car station and Fansipan station. The travel time is about 15 minutes. This is the safest and most modern cable car in the world, and can operate safely and smoothly in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, from children, adults or the elderly, you can have absolute peace of mind when conquering Fansipan by cable car.

However, for the best safety, the elderly and children should sit in chairs or hold onto the handrails, limit running and jumping. The cable car cabin is designed with 4 transparent glass panels so that visitors can enjoy the most beautiful scenery. Don’t forget to check-in here for a lifetime photo!

Sitting on the cable car you can see the whole beauty of Hoang Lien Son range and Muong Hoa valley

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Note: Guests are not allowed to bring food to the Cable Car Cabin and tourist area.

Experience of moving from Do Quyen station to the top of Fansipan

Fansipan cable car takes you to Fansipan station – 600 steps from the top of Fansipan. Here, you can climb to the top of Fansipan or take the mountain train to have the most impressive journey to explore Fansipan.

At Do Quyen station, you can choose to take a mountain train to ensure your health when reaching the top of Fansipan

Fansipan mountain train will take you from Do Quyen station to Truc May station. Then you need to climb 50 stone steps from the top of the mountain. Moving in this way helps you ensure the best state when going to the top of the mountain and touching the landmark marking: “Roof of Indochina”.

Experience to buy tickets for Fansipan cable car

Currently there are many ways for you to buy tickets for Fansipan cable car: Buy tickets directly at the ticket booth, buy tickets at hotels in Sapa, buy tickets online through the ticketing site of Sun World Fansipan Legend. In particular, buying tickets online is chosen by many people because of saving time and there are many attractive price incentives.

  • Buy tickets directly: you line up at the ticket booth at the cable car station. Note: the peak season for tourism may take a little longer.
  • Buy tickets at the hotel in Sapa: hotels now have support services to buy cable car tickets, very convenient for tourists. However, the ticket price will be slightly higher as the hotel has an additional purchase fee.
  • Buy tickets Online now

Fansipan cable car ticket price:

  • Ticket price for adults and children over 1.4 meters high is 750,000 VND
  • The children’s ticket price is from 1m – 1.4m high is 550,000 VND
  • Children under 1m in height are free of charge.

Note: Fansipan cable car tickets are two-way tickets, so remember to keep your tickets to check tickets when going down!

How to use Sunworld Fansipan Legend Cable Car

Business hours for Fansipan Cable Car

Cable car Business hours are from 8:30 to 16:00 daily. Guests should pay attention to the operating hours of the cable car to arrange a reasonable entertainment schedule.

Which season should I take the Fansipan cable car?

Fansipan has 4 distinct seasons, each with its own beauty. You can go to Fansipan in any season of the year.

  • If you go to Fansipan in the spring and summer, the weather will be very pleasant. This season, sitting on the cable car, you also have the opportunity to watch the Do Quyen flower forests blooming bright red beside the stream.
  • If you come to Fansipan in the fall, you will admire the golden terraced fields in the ripe rice season.
  • If you come to Fansipan in winter, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the white snow, inhale the sweet taste of the mist and wind of the mountains here.
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How beautiful Sapa you can enjoy at Sapa Sunworld Fansipan!

The journey of conquering the roof of Indochina by cable car will bring visitors many interesting experiences.

The first is the poetic beauty of Muong Hoa valley which will be the first impression when you move from the center of Sapa town to the Hoang Lien cable car station.

The attractive beauty of the flower fields in Muong Hoa valley

Next is the journey to take the Sapa Sunworld Fansipan cable car. Sitting in the cable car, you will be able to see the majestic and pristine beauty of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, or the peace from the immense terraced fields and flower hills. … All create a vivid picture of the Northwest mountains and forests.

Besides, for cloud-hunters, the feeling of floating like going through the clouds when the cable car is close to Do Quyen station will be an unforgettable experience.

Riding the cable car, visitors will experience the feeling of traveling through the clouds very interesting

From Do Quyen cable car station to the top of Fansipan, it will take you about 10-15 minutes to climb 600 more steps to touch the landmark marked as the roof of Indochina. Here, you may be overwhelmed by the majestic, poetic beauty like a fairy tale on the highest mountain in Indochina.

In addition to the roof of Indochina, you can also explore many beautiful and sacred landscapes at Fansipan Legend while moving from Do Quyen station to the top of the mountain. They are magnificent temples with a unique, ancient spiritual and mystical architecture built around the mountain, in the middle of the sky like Bich An Thien Tu, Kim Son Bao Thang Tu

The Arhat road is bold in Buddhist colour, considered the spiritual path, connecting the giant statue of Amitabha Buddha to the bronze statue of Guan Yin Bodhisattva always ringing a humming temple bell, bringing visitors into the world. The spiritual world is quiet and peaceful.

Food and drink experience

Coming to Fansipan Legend, you will enjoy delicious dishes at Do Quyen restaurant at Fansipan station and Hai Cang restaurant in Sa Pa station. The restaurants and cafes here serve European and Asian dishes.

The most special is the typical dishes of Sapa such as pork hot pot, pork armpit, salmon hot pot, sturgeon hot pot, grilled fish, sapa triumphal, sewing, … Besides, there are many local dishes. the other is extremely attractive at an affordable price.

Coming to Sun World Fansipan legend, you can enjoy the pork armpit – a very special dish in Sapa

In addition to typical Sapa dishes, coming here, you can also admire the restaurants designed and built in the style of the Northwestern mountains, both rustic but equally luxurious.

Resting in Sapa

Currently, the motel and hotel system in Sapa is very developed. You can freely choose for yourself the most ideal place to rest. However, you choose hotels close to Fansipan Legend tourist area for convenient transportation and sightseeing.

The most prominent in the hotel system here is the Hotel de la Coupole – MGallery located in the centre of town. This is a hotel that is referred to as “luxurious European palace in the early 20th century”.

In addition, because the train station is located in the centre of Sapa, you can also relax at nearby hotels then walk to the train station.

Above are our sharing about Fansipan cable car ride experience. Hopefully, through this article, you have pocketed for yourself some interesting experiences to prepare for the trip to “The roof of Indochina”. Please follow our articles regularly to update yourself with useful travel knowledge!

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